G7th Ukulele Capo Full Review

I learned something new while researching this capo, yes I do research and not just pull the whole thing out of my butt. At least most of it any ways…

capo (short for capotasto, Italian for “head of fretboard”)

I had no idea that capo was short for something, I guess you can learn new things when you get old!!
Any who…I actually was able to convince G7th to give me this capo at NAMM 2011 and I figured I should actually write about it instead of just keeping it around staring at me all accusingly like.
A capo is a capo is a capo right? well I don’t know, this one is very different from the others I have used. For many years I used one of those spring loaded ones, kind of like a clothes pin design, and it worked fine. I have also had the elastic…

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