6To Encuentro de Ukeleles en Argentina

El Club de Ukeleles de Argentina organiza la sexta edición del encuentro entre los que incursionan por esta apasionante actividad y este hermoso instrumento.

Como ya lo ha hecho a lo largo del año, este Club una vez más impulsa esta actividad con cada vez más adeptos, realizándolo en lugares diversos, y con cancioneros que se establecen para la jornada del  encuentro.

Si estás por Buenos Aires o cerca  y querés pasar un día de calidez y amistad con el ukelele como mediador, no te pierdas este encuentro gratuito que se organiza una vez por mes en diferentes locaciones de la Ciudad.

Si tenés alguna duda, podés pasarte por la Fan Page del Club de Ukeleles de Argentina, o si te interesa sumergirte de lleno a este fantástico mundo, podés unirte a su grupo de Facebook: “‎Club de Ukeleles de Argentina ( Ukelele es alegría )

También podés ver las fotos de las anteriores juntadas en Instagram: @clubukelelearg

En esta oportunidad el encuentro se realizará el Domingo 4 de Octubre, a las 14hs; en pleno micro centro de la ciudad de Buenos Aires: AV de los Italianos al 800 (Frente Al Museo del Humor ) – Evento Público y GRATUITO.

Aquí el evento oficial en Facebook: 6ta Juntada del Club de Ukeleles de Buenos Aires !


Mapa y lugar del Encuentro.

Captura de pantalla 2015-09-24 18.05.10

Para ver el lugar Click 

No te lo pierdas.


Perth train commuters enjoy a Monday singalong in viral video

Commuters joined in an impromptu singalong on Monday morning. Photo: The Liberators International / YouTube

For a carriage load of Perth passengers Monday morning’s train journey to the office wasn’t the usual gloomy trudge to begin the working week.

In what is sure to become the latest viral video to sweep social media, Peter Sharp can be seen boarding a everyday commuter train at Claremont before announcing to the straight-faced cabin of workgoers that he’d like to contribute to their journey by saying, “thank you”.

He then launches into Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow; complete with friends accompanying him on the ukulele.

And slowly but surely, one-by-one, sceptical and embarrassed passengers join in with the singer as he moves through the cabin handing out song sheets.

Some passengers begin to dance, many sing and all are left smiling and with a happy story to share with colleagues when they arrive at their desk.

Peter Sharp, the young man who broke into song, says the act was inspired by his mum.

“For so many years I’ve seen my mum going to work on dark, cold winter mornings to make a living for our family,” he says.

“I think it’s easy to forget the hard-work people put in everyday. I want to contribute to this society, give back to this community and I want to show how easy and simple it can be for anyone to do it.

“It was actually one of our most successful [stunts] in that we had most of the train singing along and that’s really special, especially for the morning train which can be a bit gloomy.”

Mr Sharp said the brief singalong seemed to lift the spirits of those on board.

“It created this electricity in the air and when we got off the train there were just smiles beaming from all of the people on the train,” he said.

“We had one of our mates stay on the train a few extra stops to see the impact after we left. People wished each other a nice day after we had gone which was great.”

The Liberators International have launched a crowdfunding campaign to take their joyful work across the world – first stop Europe.

“It’s worked here in Perth, but we want to see if these concepts are truly global,” Mr Sharp said.

“We’re going to five cities – London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Barcelona and meeting up with people who have seen our videos and love what we do.

“We’ll collaborate with these people on the ground to see if we can create more acts of love and human connection.”

Vía: The Sydney Morning Herald