G7th Ukulele Capo Full Review

I learned something new while researching this capo, yes I do research and not just pull the whole thing out of my butt. At least most of it any ways…

capo (short for capotasto, Italian for “head of fretboard”)

I had no idea that capo was short for something, I guess you can learn new things when you get old!!
Any who…I actually was able to convince G7th to give me this capo at NAMM 2011 and I figured I should actually write about it instead of just keeping it around staring at me all accusingly like.
A capo is a capo is a capo right? well I don’t know, this one is very different from the others I have used. For many years I used one of those spring loaded ones, kind of like a clothes pin design, and it worked fine. I have also had the elastic…

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Nirvana – Nevermind

Eat My Uke

I’m really not sure how Kurt Cobain would feel about his masterpiece been played in full on a ukulele but I had to do it. Nirvana was a big middle finger to the music industry exactly when it needed it, goodbye cheesy glam and hello alternative rock. Whilst ‘alternative’ was hardly new, the attention and opportunities Nirvana’s success brought allowed people to reconnect with music that felt more real, intimate and relevant. It was like Punks second coming….Grunge!

Tabs for all the songs on Nevermind!

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travel ukulele

Amy Qian

This (more) travel-sized ukulele project has been tremendously satisfying! The woodworking part filled me with unbounded joy, and hopefully the music part will be fun, too. The main ‘feature’ of this ukulele is that the tuning pegs (I chose geared ones since they are easier to tune, and I will need all the help I can get) are mounted in the body. This way, the head isn’t needed, making the uke a bit shorter. However, it does make the body unconventional, and probably messes with the acoustics (which I don’t really understand anyway). This is going to be a long blog post – get ready!

As some of you know, I procured a chainsaw a few weeks ago. Its electric, so its not quite as powerful as a gas saw, but still way more going on than me behind a hand saw. Around that time, the walnut tree growing in the front…

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